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The book contains 262 pages.

The book is an introduction of writings from a spirit guide who introduced himself as the 'Lamplighter'. All are different and whilst some are gentle guidance others are teachings on many facets of live. Some are profound others give upliftment. Each writing has its own message and regardless of the religion, cast, or position in life, contains enlightenment those who seek the pathway of understanding on the planet where we live and act our lives according to our needs. He calls himself the messenger who lights the lamp of wisdom in the hearts of all who seek.....

The Lamplighter.

Hazel Butterworth

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Hazel Butterworth - Author of The Lamplighter Writings

Hazel Butterworth


Our mum, Hazel Butterworth, pictured here, was born in Dover, Kent on 16th February 1935. From the age of three the family realised that Hazel had the gift of Spiritualism but advised that this be hidden and not acknowledged.

It was during the 1970s, after the tragic death of our brother, that mum seemed to take her spiritualism to new levels. She attended Stansted Hall to partake in workshops and took tuition from Gordon Higginson. As a registered medium of the ISM (The Institute of Spiritualist Mediums) she took services and clairvoyance in many churches including, Stanwell, Ashford, Middlesex, Isle of Wight, Hampshire and Surrey.

It was during the 1980s that she started to receive 'Assisted Writings' from her spirit guide, the 'Lamplighter' . Our brother Mark advised her to write down these messages as they came through. What followed during the next two decades was a collection of the most remarkable works.

Before our mother's death on 14th February 2010 her wish was to share these writings with all who wish to read them.


Sample Writings

Below are 3 writings from the book. The book contains 178 writings.

For We Are One

We speak together you and I, not with sound but in the mind's secret chamber. Each fear, each exaltation that fills the spirit with emotion taps on the mind of the other gentle fingers.

When we are apart there is no separation, for we are one and can blend any time.

Our souls seek this union for often the pathway is hard and lonely, but with knowledge in our hearts the sorrow becomes transmuted by the alchemy of the mind into true knowledge.

This reminds us we are light and love and when the two are bonded, light and love form the golden thread that time and space cannot sever.

With love there is power, with light comes strength and vision.

In this secret garden we walk bound by the silken cord of love eternal.

We have so much, and all is spoken with just one tender touch.

5th June 1995

The Silver Cord

Everyone has a lifetime, the silver cord that binds the spirit to the universal love and peace. When you are dismayed imagine you are travelling up the silver cord into the peaceful balm of love eternal and you will find your strength and feel the glow of light and love enveloping your whole being, and you will know that all is well.

Nothing can detroy the spirit and those who cannot follow you will never find the peace or progression that you yourself have found. Like a gleaming light it will nestle in your heart and imbue the whole body with life and health and peace, for no one can break the link that is yours, and this will be forever. Walk on in this way and you will achieve your goal, to return to the spirit whole and with your gifts intact.

Next try the carousel of healing

4 November 1997


Rejoice, the day is night no more,
The echoes sing from shore to shore.

New life to all who seek their crown,
As understanding does abound.

Take up your task,
No need to ask.

All awaits,
At Earth's new gates.

26 January 2000

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